Sacramento has hot and dry summers and cool winters. You can expect to use both heat and air conditioning to maintain a comfortable home throughout the year. Another important element for a comfortable home is proper insulation. With the right insulation, it helps to keep your heat and air inside your home while keeping the outside temperature out. There are several considerations you have to think about while determining if your home’s insulation is adequate.

Types of Home Insulation

There are four primary types of insulation that work well for a Sacramento home. Fiberglass insulation is a popular choice and there are two different types. The first is loose-fill insulation that you pour or blow into areas that need insulation. This is a common choice for areas that are hard to reach or the attic. The second type is batt insulation. It comes in rolls and is pre-cut. It is ideal for attics, wall cavities and the space between floor joists.

Spray foam insulation is versatile and there are two types that professionals use the most often. The first is closed-sell and it is ideal for protecting against moisture since it is denser. You can even use it in crawl spaces or basements. There is an open-cell type that is more breathable, making it an ideal option for ceilings and interior walls.

Cellulose insulation is another option. Recycled paper and fire retardants make up this type of insulation. It is a loose fill type that is ideal for walls, floors and attics.

Rigid foam board is the fourth type of insulation. The boards come in different materials, such as polyisocyanurate, polystyrene and polyurethane. You can find different thickness options to use in roofs, walls and foundations.

Home Insulation Inspection

How often you should have a professional inspect your home insulation depends on the characteristics of your home. If your home is newer and there were no settling or installation problems, you may not require frequent inspections. In Sacramento, the temperature does not usually get to extremes, so this means you might not need inspection as often.

Now, if your home is several decades old, you will want to have an inspection ever five to 10 years. A professional can give you a more precise timeline. Also, if you notice some issues, such as pests or rodents, water damage or the growth of mold, you may need someone to come in soon to see if these problems impacted your insulation.

If you are planning to have any repairs or renovations in your home where you have to open up a ceiling or wall, you might consider having your insulation inspected. The professional can easily see what your existing insulation looks like since you removed walls or ceilings. They can then recommend any upgrades or replacements so that your insulation is adequate before you replace the ceilings or walls.

You might also consider an inspection when you buy a new house. This will ensure that your home’s insulation complies with building codes so that your home’s insulation meets all of the legal requirements.

Importance of Home Insulation

When you insulate your home properly, there are a number of benefits. The first is that your home’s temperature is more stable. You will no longer need to worry about drafts, cold spots and overheating. Overall, your home will be more comfortable without you needing to crank up the thermostat. This also helps you to save some money on your air conditioning and heating bills since you can run your HVAC system at a lower energy level and still have a comfortable space.

Better insulation can also insulate your home against noise. Think of it as a type of sound barrier that keeps outside noises out of your home. This is especially important if you live by a main road with a lot of traffic or a noisy neighborhood. It will also help to keep noise in so that you do not disturb your neighbors when having a gathering or listening to music.

If you want to reduce your home’s carbon footprint, better insulation can help. Since it helps to regulate your indoor temperature better, your home will be more efficient.

Good insulation can help with moisture control in your home. Just make sure that you choose a type that is ideal for moisture, such as foam board and fiberglass. This can help to prevent the growth of mildew and mold. This is because the right insulation works to control condensation and moisture inside your ceilings and walls.

If someone in your home has breathing issues or allergies, good insulation can be beneficial. Insulation acts as an additional barrier against the pollutants and allergens outside your home and can stop some of them from getting in. The right type of insulation can help to improve overall indoor quality.

The right level of insulation can help to keep your HVAC system running properly for longer. This is because it helps to take some of the strain off of your system so that it does not have to work as hard to keep your home comfortable. Overall, you may need fewer repairs and maintenance to keep your air conditioning and heating running strong.

While Sacramento rarely gets below freezing temperatures, there are an average of four days per year where the temperatures do get below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. These are usually nighttime temperatures, and they usually occur in December and January. When these occur, there is the risk for ice dams. As the ice that builds up starts to melt, it can lead to leaks and water damage.

Installing Home Insulation

When you are ready to install insulation, it is important to have a professional do the job. This is because there are several steps that you have to complete to ensure that your home’s insulation is properly in place.

A professional will start by preparing the work area to ensure that they have everything that they need for the job on hand. They will likely need to move some of your furniture in the process. They will then measure and cut the pieces and put them into place. A professional will use spray foam or caulk to seal any air leaks or gaps. The last step is inspecting their work and reassembling and restoring anything they needed to remove or take apart to install your new insulation.

Home Insulation Experts in Sacramento

With this information, you now know the basics regarding insulation in Sacramento. Our experienced staff can help you to decide on the right insulation for your home. Once we finish up with your insulation needs, we can help you with other essential services too, including heating and cooling, electrical tasks, whole house fans and duct work. Let us help you to enjoy a comfortable home no matter the weather outside.

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