Customer Testimonials

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5 star rating
Taylor got in the attic to do a deep check to the ducts, insulation, and current unit i have. He made some really good callouts and points when it came about upgrading the current HVAC we have in our home. He shared knowledge and gave good advice when it came about what we have to what we could do within a limited budget. He showed up on the same i contacted attic man and was wearing a mask as a highly professional individual.
German C.
5 star rating
Scheduled an appointment with Atticman and Taylor was out in an extremely reasonable time frame. Our furnace was blowing cold air. Taylor, wearing a mask at all times, gave a thorough and precise diagnosis of the problem as well as an overall assessment of our furnace. On their website it says they treat their customers like family: it's absolutely true. Taylor was professional, clean, personable, and very knowledgeable. Atticman is the company we will call for any future HVAC needs without question!
Robyn J.
4 star rating
First, my review is for my interaction with Mario, the owner, during a consultation visit. I did not use his service because right after he visited my home our HVAC died and the company that installed our new one also has a insulation division, so we went with them. Two birds with one stone.

As for Mario, he was communicative, he was super nice as well as very knowledgeable. He showed up on time and was covid prepared with mask and even wore booties to walk through my home.

Mario gave me a quote for replacing ducts as well as insulation and his pricing was reasonable and in line with his competitors. I had received 4 quotes for insulation and although his bid was not the low bid, I still would have chose him because of his upbeat personality and demeanor towards me.

So, please when thinking about new insulation or HVAC needs don't hesitate to give him a call. Oh, for those wondering why I didn't use him for my new HVAC system, we are under a Home Warranty plan and had requirements to abide by.
Janette S.
5 star rating
Georgia was very polite and positive when I called for an estimate for a new unit to be installed. Mario came out at the appointment time and gave me an estimate immediately. Garrett, Mario and Taylor installed our new HVAC system. They were all very easy to communicate with throughout the process. With all of that being said, I would definitely recommend this company! Thank you guys we are so pleased we chose Atticman!
Cali M.
5 star rating
We didn't plan to buy a new furnace and air conditioner for Christmas 2020, but our old furnace had other ideas. We scoured the internet for HVAC experts and found Atticman. Mario Jr, who owns Atticman, came out the next day and patiently explained the problems with our equipment and outlined several options. We opted for new heat and air units (given the age and condition of our old ones). The new units were installed by mid-afternoon the next day, and the costs for the equipment and labor were reasonable. Without a doubt, we received first class service from a team of workers who were skilled, personable, focused, and efficient. Many thanks to Mario Jr, Mario Sr, Garrett, and Edgar.
Melodi D.
5 star rating
After a good Yelp search for attic insulation, I found 3 great companies I wanted quotes from so I sent a quote requests via Yelp on a Sunday evening. Literally 2 minutes later, Atticman messaged me through Yelp with multiple time slots the next day for a free estimate. I chose my time. The appointment day, the technician calls and says he can come earlier if that works, if not, he would see me at the scheduled time. I had him come earlier.

The technician Taylor showed up professionally dressed and wearing a mask and I'm pretty sure a smile under that mask. He was super friendly and was my dog's new best friend. Taylor told me the price is $1.05 per foot. Our house is small at 1020 square feet. He said Christmas special means only $1050 for the job which includes blown fiberglass insulation in the attic to an overall level of R38 - 12". Includes all material, labor and taxes. He said they will spray in the insulation over the old insulation, so no added costs there, plus you can't have to much insulation. He also told me that there was a bit of debris and garbage left up there by contractors in the past and that they will bring a garbage bag and clean up while there at no extra costs. He emailed me the estimate that included"before" pictures of our attic. I received two other estimates and both came in at $1800.

I booked my appointment for a Wednesday. I got a text when they were on their way. The insulation installers showed up also quite cheery and also my dog's new best friends. They worked about 2 hours and were fairly quiet; I was able to telework and have video conferences without interruption from the noise from the blower. They kept the blower outside, which reduced the noise. However, it did mean having to lock up the animals so they didn't escape out the door.

After the installation was complete, they showed me pictures. The tacked up rulers to show they had given me 16 inches of insulation. The pictures looked like big fluffy snow fall all over our attic. The original appearance in the before photos vs the after photos were dramatic. We clearly had great insulation coverage.

They accept cash, check, paypal, venmo and credit card (with a 3% surcharge).

Definitely recommend!
Sheri G.
5 star rating
Taylor was great. The text and web services were user friendly and accurate. The work was honest. From the time I found their website to functional heat was less than three hours. Thank you!
Randi Kay S.
5 star rating
Very quick response by Mario to schedule a same-day diagnostic for my rooftop furnace. Taylor arrived a few hours later to conduct the diagnostic despite the rainy conditions. He worked swiftly and professionally, identifying that the inducer needed to be replaced and providing a ball-park estimate. After making a call, he determined that the part was available and provided me with a more finalized estimate. The pricing was fair and slightly lower than the initial estimate. Given the pricing, my experience with Atticman thus far, and lack of response from the other company I reached out to, I decided to hire Atticman for the repair. Due to the rain, Taylor had to make a follow-up visit the next day to complete the repair (safety first!). Overall, a very positive experience given the responsiveness, professionalism, and drive to get the repair completed as soon as possible and as safely as possible.
Michael K.
5 star rating
After reading recommendations for Atticman on a FB group I gave them a call when our furnace went out. Mario came out same day to check it out for us and within a day he found the repair part and fixed the problem. He was very courteous and friendly and I loved how clear the communication was. (Also as a side note, our attic is hard to get into and he handled it like a champ, I was so impressed!) I can definitely say that the good reviews are well earned! We will use Atticman in the future for sure.

Update: A few weeks after the first repair the igniter went out and Mario came out same day and fixed it. The part needed for the previous repair came with a spare igniter so Mario didn't even charge for the return visit. Seriously great customer service!
A. K.
5 star rating
We really appreciate all that Mario did to help solve our heating problem! After reaching out to him on the weekend, I got a response within 30 minutes. He was able to squeeze us into his schedule on Monday afternoon. Even with such an old heating system, Mario easily diagnosed our problem. He was able to get the part quickly, and by the next morning was able to repair our heater. We will be using Mario for all of our future needs. Thank you Mario!
Sandi T.
5 star rating
Mario the owner was very professional and not pushy when it came down to buying a new unit. We interviewed 2 other large companies and the were much more costly, of course we have to pay for the big companies advertising right? Atticman always let us know when they were 30 minutes from arriving. They cleaned up whatever mess was made, and they were so friendly, and respectful. These are the kind of people you'd want to be friends with when the job is done. I thought every worker was great, and not just the owner. Let them give you a quote, they are super decent folks! It's hard to find people you really trust. These guys are the real deal. I highly recommend them!!
Natalie G.
5 star rating
I just wanted to get on and say thank you to the team that crawled into my small attic, cleaned out the mud wasp nests, replaced a part of my furnace, and put a cage over it so those evil wasps can't muddy it up again!

I got my own skills in life... but doing what they just did is not one of them.

They were prompt to diagnose, one of the few companies that didn't charge a diagnostic fee (which I REALLY appreciate in a company), and then when asking around other companies, they were the best value.

Casey W.
5 star rating
Great job replacing my HVAC system guys. Quick response and awesome communication. These guys are excellent at what they do. Mario has a well trained crew and they finished the job in less then one day. If you need any HVAC stuff done make sure to call Atticman! They beat all prices that I had checked in and did a terrific job. Thank you guys!!
Steven S.
5 star rating
Taylor Was out to service my HVAC within two hours of my call, and Atticman with the third company that I had called for same-day service. Turns out my starter had gone bad and it was fixed within an hour. Taylor is professional, friendly, and came in with his Covid mask. This is the company I will be calling for my next service.
Linda S.
5 star rating
Couldn't ask for a better experience from this company. It was easy to get an appointment scheduled and text message notifications were perfectly timed to let me know when my tech was arriving.

Mario was literally as good as it gets. He showed up in a mask and never took it off, and clearly and easily explained multiple aspects of our HVAC system we had a lot of questions about as new homeowners. Though we only had an initial appointment with them, I most likely will be purchasing the seasonal service option from them to have Atticman service our HVAC unit twice a year just because the service was absolutely outstanding!
Marcus M.
5 star rating
Onetime, prompt response for cleaning my attic unit that was clogged and dripping water.

No diagnosis fee, so that was great.

Costed one-fifty dollars a unit to remove clog with CO2, not sure what market rate is, but it was urgent with 110F and smoke outside.
Prakash M.
5 star rating
I sincerely recommend Atticman HVAC. Mario and his team were prompt, kind, professional and experienced. I had to replace both our AC units in our house and Mario had very competitive prices along with extended service and warranty. I am so pleased with the new units! Thank you, Atticman!!!
Beth H.
5 star rating
These guys were top notch. Fair all the way around and great customer service. Taylor went above and beyond and was honest 100% of the way through.
Michelle G.
5 star rating
Taylor and Mario (owner) of Atticman did an excellent job for us this past week! I was able to get a same day appointment as a last minute space opened up. Thanks Georgia! She was super friendly and helpful to get us scheduled in and to help get an answer to a question I had about finding an AC condenser pad to use for a pool equipment project we are also tackling.

Anyway the same day appointment was particularly important to us as it was the day before the start of an 8-9 day heat wave of 100+ degree day time highs with overnight cooling only in the mid to upper 70s which prevents us from using our whole house fan as we normally do.

The Atticman team uses a great auto text notification system when they are on the way with follow up texts which was very helpful so I didn't have to be stuck at home waiting. And they have a nice billing and appointment solution too to document their work and related details.

Taylor diagnosed the issue of why our AC wasn't cooling our house in the first 5 minutes. He filled up our nearly completely depleted refrigerant and added the dye/patching liquid to find and hopefully fill our potential leak/hole.

Taylor explained to me very clearly that the dye needs a few days to travel through the equipment with the AC system running as normal so he scheduled a follow-up appointment for three days out before leaving. Mario came back three days later to check for the presence of the dye and confirmed that it seemed like we had a small/microscopic leak in our interior AC coil in the attic which is hopefully now patched by the dye/filler material.

If it turns out the patch doesn't hold and we need a new coil, Mario provided us with an estimate so we can plan acco rdingly. Both Taylor and Mario were very patient in explaining the issue and mechanics of the AC equipment and answering all my questions over two separate visits.

I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs AC repair in the Sacramento area! We feel lucky to have found them since this was the first AC repair job we have ever had to get done after living in two different homes in the last 21 years. Thanks Team Atticman - Georgia, Taylor, and Mario! I look forward to referring you to friends, neighbors and co-workers!
Austin L.
5 star rating
Mario and his crew were amazing. He installed several items that some of the bigger HVAC companies wouldn't even touch. I felt that the prices the services so well that I decided to give them a good tip. I'm switching all of my HVAC needs to Mario and I'm telling all of my friends.
Grant R.
5 star rating
I don't usually write reviews but because the service was so great I want to share my experience. I am a new landlord of a property outside of where I live. When the tenant reached out to me about the AC unit I was a little unsure of where to go. I had one person give me a quote that was pretty broad in range. Seeing that I was out of the area, I thought I would get another quote. I called Atticman after reading some yelp reviews. Georgia answered the phone and was so wonderful. I let her know my situation she answered my questions and she had someone out for a quote in about 30 minutes. Mario showed up at the property assessed the situation and called me immediately. He not only explained what type of unit I had but also what he was looking at as far as repairs. He explained he could repair portions of the unit or replace the whole thing. He went over the different prices and what he thought was best for the property. His quotes were reasonable and around what I thought I should pay for repair/replacement. I decided to replace the unit and was able to schedule it for one week out. I was very impressed with everyone I spoke with at Atticman and will continue to have them service my unit for years to come. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in the area.
Whitney K.
5 star rating
These guys are one of a kind, especially in this field they're in where I feel like most companies will try to rip you off, and automatically refer you to the most expensive option; these guys are the exact opposite.

Our AC shut down on Friday evening, and Georgia was still able to get someone out that same evening. Due to the late notice of our issue, Taylor had to return the following morning to diagnose the issue properly. During the diagnostic he found that the units contactor was not functioning properly, and was literally fried. Taylor then replaced the contactor and fuses, and the unit still would not turn over. He found that the unit itself was not receiving enough power from the breaker, something he showed me first hand and recommended I call an electrician immediately. I was able to get an electrician off of Taylor's advice, replaced the fried breaker, and now the unit is receiving the power it needs.

Instead of just telling me my unit is a piece of junk and to get a new one, Taylor literally did everything he could to salvage the unit I already have and pointed me directly to the source that was causing the issue to begin with, a job that wasn't even his to do so. The unit is now functioning properly after repair, even with my AC unit being as old as Taylor himself. I will be using them to replace my AC unit anyways, because it's 24 years old. There is only so many bandaids you can do on a unit before its time to call it a day. Thanks again Taylor, and Atticman!
Michael L.
5 star rating
Highly recommend! I was looking for recommendations on the next-door app for someone to service our AC unit; Georgia who deals with all the booking responded quickly and professionally to my post. Mario the owner came to check out our problem in just a couple days from reaching out to them. Within the week Mario and his team were at my house to service our AC unit. I was happy to support a local business in our neighborhood and want to let everyone know to call them for all your HVAC needs.
Adrianna M.
5 star rating
Our 25 year-old system quit this summer and the scramble was on: should we repair or replace? Conflicting diagnoses and HIGH replacement costs finally led to a friend's recommendation of Mario. I explained what I thought the fix should be, he quoted me a price, came by and preformed the service that got us up and running, AND honored his quote even though we needed a couple extra pounds of refrigerant (R22, VERY expensive).
Mario delivers excellent, old-fashioned service! I will use Atticman for ALL my future HVAC and related needs. If Atticman is in your area, you can save time and anxiety and call them first.
Bill B.
5 star rating
Our AC went out in the middle of a hot Sacramento summer-disaster!! Called Atticman and they rescued us! Came out the same day I called (everyone else was almost a week wait just to get someone to look at it)! Taylor was awesome-quickly identified the problem and fixed it. He even vacuumed after he had to go up into the attic (I have never had a repair man clean up after himself). I would give them 10 stars if I could!! Call them, you won't regret it!
Patty T.
5 star rating
First of all, I sincerely would recommend Atticman HVAC and Insulation to anyone I know and care about. They had been nothing but absolutely amazing. They are all professionals and respectful especially during this time. (They were respectful, practiced physical distancing, and were wearing masks and gloves).
Mario, the owner, came in and did a free diagnosis and estimate. I was originally just looking for an AC repair, but Mario explained that it would make more sense if I just get a new condenser and coil since my system was already outdated. He was not pushy about it at all, which I really appreciated.
Mario Sr. and Garrett came for the installation and they did the job very well. They explained what they were working on and answered all the questions that I had. Five stars!
Lyn D.
5 star rating
Polite, knowledgeable, affordable, flexible scheduling, and takes the time to explain things to you.
Patrick D.
Great job the heating and air replacement as well as the insulation!
Valley Heating & Air
5 star rating
Well Mario is awesome. He and his associate just came out to fix our heater. Something to do with an electric panel--I don't understand all the things I just know my house has heat again! They were prompt, courteous, and quick! We had a quote, part, and completed service within 3.5 hours. On cold and rainy days with little humans to worry about that's amazing. Their prices for parts and labor were very affordable and beats the pants off the competition. Very thankful to have found Atticman. Will absolutely be using him from here on out.
Kayleigh S.
The workers did a great job in setting up our new equipment and removing the old stuff. In and out in 2 days with a brand new system that runs great!
Lauren Goff
5 star rating
I hired Atticman for a dryer vent cleaning. Not only did they respond really fast with a quote but they also beat the other competitors rates! They were professional and on time and showed us the results and cleaned up my laundry room back to spotless! Great local company with great communication throughout the appointment! Will definitely hire again! Thanks Mario!
Citygirl f.
Mario provides excellent customer service and a job that exceeds expectations! He was reliable and fast and I received updates from the time I booked the appointment until service was completed! Great company and I will definitely use them again for cleaning my dryer vent!
Chabachi F
5 star rating
Mario was great from the start. We went out of his area to help us. We had an issue with our Lennox heater and he was able to fix it. Worked around our schedule and stayed in complete communication of what is going on with it. Price was great so was the customer service
Jakub D.
Very knowledgeable
Raquel M.
I am pleased with their work. Professional and polite!
Marianne Daly
Amazing service
Atticman Heating & Air, Insulation
5 star rating
I was worried when my heater gave out that it would take days to get fixed. I called Atticman Heating and Air in the morning and was thrilled at how soon a technician came out to do an estimate. The price was reasonable and my heater seems to be working better than ever. I would definitely recommend Atticman to my family and friends.
Regina K.
Very Thorough inspection arrived on time was very knowledgeable.
Raquela Mejia
Wonderful service, arrived on time, very professional and to the point. Will recommend him to my friends and family. Thank you Mario.
Rosa Santana
Always on time, does a good job at a fair price.
Ed Janowiak
Efficent effective and gets it right
Excellent job.
Peter Ftacnik
Easy and affordable furnace tune-up!
Darcie H.
Great install and service from Atticman! Very quick professional install and great follow-up to ensure the new HVAC was functioning properly. I recommend highly for any HVAC system replacement.
Steve Aguirre
Atticman (Mario) is very professional. Keeps scheduled appointments and updates you. Listens to you and doesn't try to over sell you on anything. Does the job right and makes sure you are satisfied with the work. Had Atticman do some dryer vent work and tune up the HVAC units. Dryer works great now. Just scheduled to have him come back and do some attic insulation. I recommend Atticman if you need any HVAC, vent work, insulation or related work to be done.
Ed Janowiak
On time, excellent advice, honest, knowledgeable.
Harvey Solomon
I highly recommend this company they are amazing
Craig Harrison & Dodi
I needed a simple project completed without an exorbitant price. The whole process was fast, efficient and I am happy with the results. Communication is key to a happy customer and communication was great when an event caused the need to change the original date/time for completion of the project. After completion of the project, I had a question. It was answered quickly, so there is good communication afterward as well.
Jennifer H.
Prompt and friendly service
Zara R.
What a nice experience. They fulfilled all my expectations and more, and the guys were awesome. Friendly, funny and professional!
Sharon a.